The viral phenomenon of the Kony video has been exhaustively examined by Polly Curtis’ Reality Check - but Datablog user Charlie Morton has come up with this infographic about the charity behind the video, Invisible Children.

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Mitt Romney’s chart of the “Obama Recession” actually starts in 2007. MoJo’s Adam Serwer (!!) notes:

With employment still hovering around nine percent, it’s not like Romney needs to lie in order to go after Obama’s record on the economy. Recent polls have shown nothing but grim news for the president on this front. Why be so conspicuously dishonest about it?

Congrats on getting Adam, Mojo.

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The Solman Scale of under— and unemployed rose from 18.09 percent to 18.29 percent. That means 29,286,000 Americans say they want a full-time job, but don’t have one.


Oh, for God’s sake. 

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Dear Super Committee: Defense Contractors are “Second to None” In Wasteful Spending

The defense industry is forming a bloc to fight against cuts in national security spending. Here is a reminder that not only is the U.S. spending way more on defense than any other country, but that defense spending is also the source of a lot of government waste.

Read about it on the POGO blog.

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