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Of course I wasn’t there but the video is an incredible example of how peaceful protest can work. Instead of violently reacting to horrific and needless pepper spraying of their fellow students, the University of California Davis campus kept it’s cool, slowly pushing the police out with words. The police are claiming that they reacted to being surrounded by the 200 odd students and “based on the situation we were sitting in, ultimately that was the decision that was made”.

So is it just me or does the guy operating that spray can look like he’s really enjoying himself? Towards the end of the video you’ll see him shake up two cans of pepper spray, dual wielding them as he plays out some heroic ‘behind enemy lines’ fantasy in his head. 

Again, my respect goes out to the students of UC Davis and I hope anybody injured during the event makes a full recovery.

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84-Year-Old Woman Becomes the Pepper-Sprayed Face of Occupy Seattle - National - The Atlantic Wire


Seattle photographer Joshua Trujillo captured what may become the defining image of this week of Occupy unrest — an elderly woman being led away from the mayhem, her face covered with pepper spray. A pregnant woman and a priest were also hit with pepper spray during a march on Tuesday night. You see more photos of the confrontation at (More photos here as well.)

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Lessons from the 1960s for the 99 Percent: To build a truly mass movement, Occupy protesters must avoid militancy—and learn to like leaders.

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Athens, Greece

A demonstrator is detained by riot police during anti-austerity protests (via

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#OccupyOakland protester bleeding from head after police fire teargas, percussion grenades.”  — @MaxBlumenthal

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